Social Responsibility


We are socially responsible company that cares - we do think about needs of people that has less luck than others and we do a lot about it.

For care of employment of disabled people, for encouraging children from social risk families or disabled children to draw, for being responsible for our environment Company got Socially Responsible Business Award 2018. 

More than half of our employees are disabled people. We endeavor them to feel valuable, advantageous, needed. We encourage them to learn. All employees can participate in decision making of the company.

We encourage personal development and knowledge seeking. We are permanently supporting various organizations, contests with our products and actively participate in social activities. Since 2018 we have started to provide art lessons to ill, disabled or children form socially sensitive groups. Every year we dedicate production of a few thousand Euros for charity projects. For more information about our charity projects - look below.

Charity projects 2019

Urban Sketchers event in Valencia

28 September 2019. We are proud sponsors of Urban Sketchers event in Valencia, Spain. 


Autumn Sketching School Riga

27 - 29 September 2019. Our friends from Urban Sketching School Riga held an autumn event. 5 workshops and a couple of sketchwalks. Workshops by Charlene Moreau (France), Alise Kinasta (Latvia) and the organizers - Agnese Aljena and Masha Zhurikova. Watercolor workshop by Alise used all range of our watercolour paper. 


Lettering workshop with Tadas Čiūdaras

25 September 2019. Our Calligra[hy & Lettering pads were tested in lettering workshop with tadas Čiūdaras.


Now Japan Festival in Vilnius

10-15 September 2019. Annual festival about Japan and it's culture took place in Vilnius. Our friend Shota Kotake had workshop here and we provided paper for the workshop and prizes for workshop participants.  


@artforplanet festival

14-15 September 2019 @artofplanet (our Brand ambassador in Russia Anna Bogdanova) was an organizer of drawing festival. we provided paper for workshops and prizes for participants. 


Urban Sketchers Symposium in Amsterdam

24 - 27 July 2019. The 10th internationa Urban Sketcherts Symposium took place in Amsterdam. We had a great opportunity to become sponsors of the event and to see sketching Amsterdam!

Art lesson in Children's hospital

3 July 2019. Together with teacher Ieva (founder of @kitokis) and Mamų unija we arranged art lesson in Children's hospital, oncohematologic unit. Even an hour spent outside the hospital ward is very valuable for children and their Mums. We also brought a big pile of drawing pads for children to practice.

Festival in Moscow - KrugARTsvetka

23 June 2019. Our partners in Russia - company MPM organized art festival in Moscow. Professionals and enthusiasts could attend workshops,lectures, booths. Our brand ambassaror Anna Bogdanova also held a workshop. Participamnts could test products from our Authentic line.  

Baltic Sketching Festival in Cesis, Latvia

8 June 2019. Our friends Urban Sketchers Riga invited us to become a part of their Baltic Sketching Festival. The aim of the event was to encourage people to have drawing as a hobby. Participants could win our products as prizes in various contests and try them during workshops.  


International Children's Day fest in Fabijoniškės 

1 June 2019 International Children's Day fest was held in Fabijoniškės district (Vilnius). Children could attend art lessons where they could draw on our proucts. We also gave our products for charity in this event.  


Conference with Art teachers' association  (with UAB Imsema)

24 May 2019. Our Golden partner UAB Imsema presented products in conference, held by Lithuanian Art teachers' association. Workshop for art teachers was held there as well. We provided products for the workshop. 


Museum night

18 May 2019 - museum night in Vilnius. We provided paper products for Vytautas Kasiulis Art museum for the workshops held during the event.  

Workshop in Olmar megastores in Porto and Sao Joao de Madeira (Portugal)

5 May 2019. Our partners in Portugal - Olmar Megastores, together with @cjanystudio, held workshops for graphics. We provided Authentic Bristol products for these events.  


Prizes for drawing marathon with Kunst & Hobi and Drink and draw (Estonia)

3 May 2019. Drawing marathon, organized by Dring and Draw. Our Golden partners in Estonia, Kunst & Hobi, presented prizes for particpants. We joined for prizes too. 

Postcard workshop in National Art Gallery 

In April 2019 National Art Gallery organizes postcard workshops for youth and for families. Participants made interesting handmade postcards and there was a possibility to send them via traditional post wright in the place. We provided #haikucards for the workshops. 


Watercolor workshop in Tallinn (Estonia) 

25 April 2019. Watercolor workshop took place in our Golden partner shop „Kunst & Hobi“ in Tallinn. The teacher - artist Andrei Kedrin. Participants drew on our traditional watercolor paper and got a watercolor STAR T pad as a gift.


Art tasting for children in AP Gallery 

We are sponsors of Art tasting for children event in AP Gallery during April - June 2019. Events are held every last Sunday of the month. 


Art lesson in Vilnius Šilas special school 

19 March 2019. We arranged art lesson in Vilnius Šilas special school. This school is for children with special needs. They curiously listened to the teacher and put all their effort to draw the most beautiful drawings. We are thankfull for teacher Mindaugas Baltuška - disabled artist - who joined our charity initiative.  

Calligraphy and Lettering pads for LiMA workshop

19 March 2019. LiMA (Lithuanian Marketing Association) organized workshop with lettering artist Tadas Čiūdaras. We provided our Calligraphy and Lettering pads for the participants. 


Workshop with @letteritoutloud

We provided watercolor Authentic pads for the workshops in Germany. 


Prizes for children drawing contest „Pieštukas-2019“

Together with Cretacolor we provided prizes for regional children's drawing contest "Pieštukas-2019". The organizer of the event - artist Andrius Seselskas. 

Caricaturist Ramūnas Vaitkus in Vilnius Book Fair

21 - 24 February 2019, caricaturist Ramūnas Vaitkus made funny pictures of the participants on our paper products in Vilnius Book Fair.

@amalinavia challenge

We provided prizes to Alina's Miller contest #gaptillchallenge. The challenge was taking place from 1 February till 28 June 2019. 

Drawing contest "What if I am not a human..." by Mindaugas Baltuška 

We provided prizes and voted for the winners of drawing contest "What if I am not a human..." by Mindaugas Baltuška. The contest took place 1-31 January 2019. 


Charity projects 2018

Art lesson in SOS Children's Village Lithuania Day center

13 December 2018 we arranged art lesson in SOS Children's Village Lithuania Day center. Children from social risk families come there after school and spend all day long. A nice angel collection appeared after lesson - great decoration for uocomming holidays. 

We are support swimmer, Lithuanian and international contest winner, Smiltė Plytnykaitė.