Our story

Imagine a company that makes all the performance just for the fun of it, ant its happening at the very core - it’s coming from the people within. Imagine a company, where priorities such as: “it has to be fun”, “make it happen” or “make it better” or “but we are crazy and we can do it” are at the front and financial goals are in the second or third row. 

Imagine a company that encourages people to think freely, to state their ideas and to make it happen and ask them to argue and prove their points to. Imagine a company where everybody is in one or other way involved into management and is asked to put their input to create better place to work. Imagine company where meetings are hours filled with jokes and laughs. Imagine responsible company that cares - we do think about needs of people that has less luck then others and we do a lot about it.

That’s us, guys. 

And we are not even halfway where we want to be. 

It’s all about vision, people, art and paper. It’s all about market, all about Your needs. It’s all about better environment both outside the company and inside.

Now you might think, that our work is fairy-tale, that we have bunnies and unicorns running loose in the office, everybody is happy, full of love, euphoria, our work is performed by accurate gnomes and easy handed elves and we are quietly sitting on the clouds. Well… nope. We are not that high. In fact, it’s extremely hard work, all our “miracles” are born from sweat, blood and tears. We are overloaded with work, with ideas that we want to make happen, and there are days when we are having conflicts and hate each other. We are a team of very different people tied together by common goals and we are far from perfect. We do mistakes and we do struggle with our decisions and consequences. We do have to make allowances and go to compromises, because its real life and there are limits. We are small company with limited resources but with BIG ideas. 

But this constant struggle makes us better, more focused and more creative. And we believe that You feel it in our products.

And You know what? We. Will. Be. Better.

SM·LT Structure

We prepared our company structure; a version that quite good represents how we work, a version that we are satisfied with for now. Not so many companies share such internal information and even lesser companies are having fun in such kind of topics. And we feel that its serious fun in many ways…
OK, here you are:
- its colourful - mantis shrimp gonna like it - check.
- we have clear interaction and overlapping of functions - structure represents need for cooperation and real life struggles - check.
- there is no top and no bottom, nobody is “under” or “over” somebody - check.
- people can move freely in company; for maximum independence and pure functions could chose to be in outer “operations” field or they can go deeper into multicolour “tactics” performance or can dive in the centre, to the mess of “strategy”. In other words - “be whatever you want” -  check.
- do you see CEO in structure? We don’t… Looks like bastard is trying to avoid work. Again. Ha ha, joking - his functions are in concentric circles and connecting line - check.
- there is burning giraffe in the centre. It must be here, just don’t ask… - check. 
Our team is living by such structure for a some time already, well see where we go further…